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Using this app in your organisation

If you are planning to use this website or app in your organisation on a more than occasional basis: please let us know. We would like to know how you are sailing with it! You may likely find out that the theory about Just Culture, human behavior, managing rule violations and altogether creating and managing a safety culture is vastly more than can be covered with this website.

We are curious about what you are trying to achieve in your organisation and how we may help.

Who we are

We are people who have spent their working life in making operations safer.

 Job Brüggen holds a masters degree from Delft University of Technology in Aerospace Engineering. In 1986 he started working for the National Aerospace Laboratory where he later became the head of the Air Transport Division. His particular interest in safety led him to Air Traffic Control the Netherlands, to become their first safety manager in 2002. He is well known for his acitivities in Just Culture developments and was one of the first to demonstrate numerically the detrimental effect of prosecution of air traffic controllers on incident reporting. In 2003 he re-created the CANSO Safety Standing Committee and chaired it for six years. He is currently leading the effort for the FAB Europe Central safety management activities. He also advises in the health care industry on safety matters with a particular focus on safety leadership from the top. 


 Patrick Kools co-creates new directions in complex environments. His passion for and vision on changes are refreshing. Working from the belief that care and connection lead to excellence in high risk environments he brings people together in industry and healthcare organizations to create new directions and high performance. Care, compassion and non-judgement are central themes.

Patrick is a frequent speaker and writer on issues related to safety and team cooperation. To further shape his vision on safety in High Risk Organizations, Patrick has recently started GoGen - Beyond Rules. GoGen creates platforms of trust with all stakeholders to enable organizations to move from a highly controlled prescription of all activities to creating an organisational culture within which everyone is personally involved in ensuring the safety of all. 

In the past, Patrick was joint Founder and for 10 years CEO of iBanx HSE and he has worked for 10 years for Shell International in numerous projects. Patrick was educated at the United World College of South East Asia (Singapore) and as a Production Engineer at Cambridge University Engineering Department.

  Can I use and iPad or similar tablet?

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Just Culture Perspectives.

A list of references which for us is the general background of Just Culture. A plethora of papers, presentations or other is available, however these sources are the ones we have been basing this website on. Plus all your practical experience of course! 

 Do you know a source we absolutely should not miss? Give us a hint! (See 'about' section).