Can you 'measure' your Just Culture? Sadly, you cannot. It is impossible to accurately gauge the 'value' or 'status' of your organisation's Just Culture status.


But there is hope: the following is a simple yet elegant tool to get an indication of your organisation's 'climate' regarding just culture. Are you being supported by your State's government? Do they put legislation in place that let you deal effectively with your own goofs? Can you talk freely to your public prosecutor or do the judiciary have the obligation to prosecute every report and "disturbance of public transport"? Are your internal investigations still talking about 'human error' or are you searching for systemic errors?

Let us try to find out with you. First, let us dissect what factors actually greatly influence your organisational just culture, as depicted in the above figure. Three main domains stick out.

 Just Culture Domains

  1. Your external environment. The State, Jucidiary, Media.
  2. Your internal corporate governance. Policy, procedures, internal regulations and how you promote it.
  3. The perception of your workforce. Most important part! If they feel happy, count your blessings.

The next survey is designed to help you get a feel where your best improvement opportunites are. Getting to your legislator may be difficult. Talking to your judiciary could prove problematic, they are, after all, just doing their job, right? We found that talking to the media can be quite effective, however your mileage may vary.

Give it a try. Do not take the outcome as the absolute truth but rather as the result of a self assessment.